My name is Jeanette Chaky Peters; a Mystical Alchemist  and I serve as a....

Master Tarot Reader



Goddess Expert 

Yoga Instructor 

I am here to intuitively  guide you on your journey of self-healing and discovery. I have spent many years studying  & teaching the Tarot, Astrology, the Goddess and Yoga. Over the years I have discovered that blending  the knowledge of these modalities offers each individual a powerful path to discover their unique innate magic. 

Open your mind to the magic around you 


Invest in a magical relationship with the Divine. Get to know yourself by understanding the person behind the stories we tell.


Learn how to navigate your natal chart by telling an understandable story of where the planets were at the moment of your birth and what that means for you.


Embrace your inner deity by discovering how to deepen your physical, mental, and spiritual practice with usable knowledge of the divine feminine. 


Become an active participant in your healing. Dive into natural healing options that are right for you.

 Invest In Your Personal Transformation 

Tarot Mini-Lessons 

Join me for a series of pre-recorded "Tarot Mini-Lessons." Each lesson has been carefully created to give you a better understanding of Tarot and it's mysteries.  As you complete each mini lesson you are fashioning a strong foundation of knowledge on Tarot and its rich history.  

These mini-Lessons will help you feel more comfortable and confident to take the next steps in learning how to read for yourself and others in an seven week interactive class on line.  

Tarot Mini-Lessons: 

Cost: All 6 classes + Bonus Class on Grounding & Stillness for $44 

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Master Tarot Class - $222

Join me on a positive psychology journey of understanding and reading the Tarot.

While there are many layers of knowledge buried in Tarot, decoding the messages from the cards doesn’t need to be complex or overwhelming.  I have created a comprehensive course on Tarot "Tarot Magic, Journey Into The Soul" to serve as a guide on your jounery of understanding Tarot and its many mysteries.


This course consists of six pre-recorded mini lessons providing you an opportunity to begin to build a solid foundation in Tarot.   Each mini lesson will introduce you to a deeper meaning behind the cards where you will begin to gain knowledge on which you can lean on when you learn how to read the cards from a positive psychology seven week interactive online course. 

The seven week interactive online class will bring more focused attention to each of the cards individually as well as highlight Astrology, Mythology, Spiritualty and Numerology. Over the seven weeks you will become more comfortable and confident to take the next step in reading for yourself and others.


As an added bonus I have included two extra mini lessons on Stillness and Grounding and the Four Pillars as well as a one of kind guide book "Tarot Magic, Journey Into The Soul."


Enjoy practicing in a supportive environment in our interactive Facebook room where students can ask questions about the lessons and read for one another.  Downloadable class summaries and instructive worksheets will also be provided to enhance your journey.

Deck Used: Original Rider Waite 

Next Class Series: Spring 2024

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Triskele Reading - $22

The Triskele Reading is a three card tarot or oracle spread. Each card holds a different energetic resonance that correlates with the Spiritual World, the Present World, and the Celestial World.  This reading focuses on the inherent magical connections associated with the process of constantly moving forward to reach a state of understanding and enlightenment. 

With this reading you will receive a 15 minute recorded MP4 file that you can download.  Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your recording as I work with the energies  of the New and Full Moon.  

Directions for what is needed to begin this magical process of reading will be emailed to each client.

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The Year Ahead Reading - $104

The Year Ahead Reading focuses on the next 12 months from the day the reading is provided. In this 1 hour live reading I use Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and my Intuition to tap into the cosmos and help you to understand the energy themes for each month.  This information can be used to help you better navigate the coming year. 

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Mystical Alchemy Reading - $104

Messages from Spirit show up in different forms. In this 1 hour live reading I will use different divination techniques such as  Astrology, Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Runes, Intuition, or numerology to begin the journey of unraveling a deeper wisdom within. 

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Natal Chart with a Twist - $222

In this 90 minute session you will learn where the planets were at the moment of your birth and how you can apply this knowledge as you continue to move through your personal journey. We will also touch on some of the major aspects in your chart and upcoming transits. As an added bonus we will use tarot cards to show you how the planets are asking to be seen in your chart and oracle cards to help you understand how you can better work with the planets. 

When this reading is scheduled please provide your birth information such as Birth Place/Time/Birth Date & Year.

    • Aspects show the connection between two planets and zodiac signs. Knowing the natal chart aspects helps to bring to light the relationship energy of the planets and how they aid or challenge each other in a natal chart.   
    • Planets are wanderers and they are constantly moving around the natal chart. As the move they create aspects with the natal birth planets. A transit reading involves a method of interpreting the ongoing movement of the planets as they transit the original planets of the natal birth chart. Transits can help us to understand the current life situations in which we find ourselves in. 

Returning Client Special - $88

In this 30 min session we will examine the current astrological influences that are dancing around in your chart and the best way to navigate them. 

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Journey of the Goddess - Coming Soon

This program is a yearlong journey. It is focused on understanding the concept of the divine feminine and igniting the divine feminine within you. Each month we will experience the feminine within us by working with many unique tools such as the phases of the moon, mediation, journaling and much more. Stay tuned for additional details on this one of a kind magical experience.

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Goddess Faery Boxes - $133

These boxes of enchantment are created by handcrafting a unique one of a kind Goddess Faerie. These Faeries carry channeled message from the Goddess that you can use to aide you along your magical journey.  Each one is intentional created by tapping into the energies of the phases of the moon and/or astrological events.  The Goddess Faerie will remind you to always shine your unique divine light in this world.  

Includes a 5-10 minute virtual introduction meeting discussing your intention and coordinating certain aspects of your Goddess Faerie. 

Each Goddess Faerie Box Contains:

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*Domestic price includes shipping & International price is an additional $10 please allow 2-4wks for creation* 

Private Parties 

Spend quality time with your friends doing something different. Schedule a private party with me. 

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Personalized Yoga Practice - $444

Work one on one with me to design a yoga practice that meets your physical, mental, and emotional needs. During our time together we will work hand in hand to design a practice that suits your personal goals by using multiple healing tools to uncover what elements need to find balance.

Included in this offering:

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