About Jeanette

I am Jeanette Chaky Peters - Master Tarot Reader, Goddess Expert, Astrologer and Intuitive or what I like to say a "Mystical Alchemist." As a child I experienced a strong connection to the energy of the Divine Feminine. I had a traditional Catholic upbringing which taught me about devotion and steered me along the path of recognizing the presence of the Divine. As I grew, my knowledge and connection to the Divine Feminine expanded into the form of The Goddess. Studying outside the mainstream was not without its challenges. For many years, I studied in secret as I unraveled the unseen magic of The Goddess, Tarot, Astrology, Yoga and various forms of divination techniques. A pivotal point in my life was when I was 16 and my father died unexpectedly. I asked the Divine for guidance and support, and as a result I grew and expanded in many ways as I brought my studies into my daily life. As the years progressed, I found much joy in assisting others as they took steps forward on their respective journeys. I experienced another pivotal point in my in my life in 2018, at the age of 36, when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. This diagnosis came at a time where I was telling the Universe that I was ready to help others embrace themselves whole heartedly, yet I was struggling with feelings of unworthiness myself. After being stripped of who I thought I was, I learned how to embrace who I truly am. I challenged myself in ways that were uncomfortable as I showed the world my true authentic self. What I have learned over the years that I can't wait to share with you, is that when we work together and with Spirit, we are able to uncover an alchemical blend of modalities that are right for guiding you forward on your journey.

You can also find me at JeanetteChakyPeters@gmail.com or teaching various classes around my home town.



"Jeanette is such a breath of energy. Her online Tarot Class has been so refreshing and powerful allowing me to learn and trust my inner teacher. She helps me to reconnect and to embrace the Tarot with her love of history, astrology, introducing numerology and symbolisms and so much more. Thank you Jeanette. Looking forward to your next classđź’•" - Millie

"I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the Tarot with Jeanette Chaky Peters. She enthusiastically shared her immense knowledge in an interesting and well organized 6 week course that was so much fun to participate in. She made the cards come alive with all of her insight and experience. I would highly recommend her awesome class to anyone who would like to learn more about the Rider-Waite tarot cards." - Pam

"Jeanette's Tarot class was my first, and it was great! She kept it simple enough for all of us to understand, and detailed enough that even those who already had experience with the Tarot were still learning. Jeanette is such a great teacher. You can tell that she is passionate about teaching the Tarot, and she is so patient and easily able to explain when we can't understand something. Her background in astrology, and all things mystical, is an added bonus in helping us to have a more well-rounded understanding of interpretation of the cards. I started class just to do it, but by the time it was over I was having so much fun reading cards for myself and close friends. I am so glad I took the class and look forward to learning more!" - Lisa


"Thank you so much Jeanette for an eye opening astrological reading!! I learned a lot of information that was new to me and a lot about planets affecting my sign. It was a detailed reading." - Rosalyn

"My astrology experience with Jeanette was really refreshing on so many levels. First, she took into consideration my own understanding of my chart and spoke to me in a manner that I could easily relate to. Secondly, she gave many examples of how things 'could have' played out in the past and how things may play out when the signs and positions of those signs are considered and balanced by me.

Throughout my appointment, she used her intuition, her knowledge of astrology, mythology, and tarot, to help me better understand what wonders my chart reveals. At the end of our session, I felt in alignment with myself and I felt like I had been seen, she tapped into so many little but significant points about my 'ways'.

Jeanette has a magical way of explaining things. I will be recommending her to my friends and colleagues because Jeanette truly rocks. She is sensational." - Lisa S

"My Astology reading with Jeanette was fascinating! I have never had an expereince anything like it. The way she uses tarot and oracle cards throughout the astrology reading is really special and unique. The depth of the reading gave me such a clear view of myself and my life. Jeanette was thoughtful, explained everything in terms I could understand, and answered all my questions. She is fantastic! A few days after my astrology chart reading, I booked another type of session with her! I recommend Jeanette in a heartbeat!" - Lisa G


"Jeanette is my first ever yoga instructor. I have now been taking yoga classes for over three years and Jeanette is the reason I have continued. She is very welcoming and ready to adapt to the needs of her students. She is always present and involved in the classes she leads. She has encouraged and challenged me to be and do more. Jeanette is a very positive and accepting person and I consider her to be my friend." - Beth P.